*T&FT@30 – Rewind 1995

The athletic year of 1995 belonged to one man, Jonathan Edwards, and T&FT fans were in the prime stadium locations to be enthralled by his outstanding performances. The Gothenburg World Champs were where his 18.16m & 18.29m opening two jumps set two new WRs but a few weeks earlier in Lille was the breakthrough venue for true athletics fans before we shared him with the world.

Our large group of fans sitting on the finish line in Lille at the Europa Cup final unusually had the Triple Jump pit directly in front of them and on a breezy day Jonathan astonished us all with 18.43m (2.4 m w) (Youtube – Jonathan Edwards – Lille 1995 footage and later 18.39m w  such that his legal 17.72m British record seemed disappointing. The British fans leapt around in record breaking fashion too – to have shared the afternoon of 25 June 1995 was truly memorable.

In Gothenburg, disappointingly, just four GB athletes medalled but with two for Kelly Holmes in the 800m & 1500m she was looking in great shape for the 1996 Olympics not then knowing then that her greatest achievement was frustratingly going to be a further two Games away. Michael Johnson with his 200m & 400m both in CR was precisely on target for Atlanta. Haile Gebrselassie was also in his pomp and on the track Kim Batten with 52.61 headed Sally Gunnel’s WR and Inessa Kravets followed Jonathan with her 15.50m TJ WR.

Our T&FT Gothenburg newsletters reported that for many athletes their highlight was the free dentistry available. British fans felt at home with six London double decker buses utilised for athlete stadium transfers traversing the city. The T&FT group had its usual international contingent with over 60 non-British fans with 30 from New Zealand as once again the North Shores Bay AC group, led and sponsored by the indefatigable Graeme Avery, joined us as part of their month long European track tour including competition all co-ordinated by T&FT