*T&FT@30 – Rewind 1993

Stuttgart was again a prolific venue for GB athletes with Fatima Whitbread’s WR javelin performance from the 1986 Euros trumped by Sally Gunnell and Colin Jackson’s golds with WRs at the 1993 World Champs. With Linford Christie winning gold too and 10 medals in total it was a high water mark for British athletics.

The happy coincidence of a wine festival in the city and the daily PM session ending early evening meant that these championships were an extended party for the large contingent of British and international fans that travelled with T&FT – a wonderful  social experience enjoyed with plenty of the local Trollinger light red wine!. Our event tour party with Mike Powell our star guest was fun especially when he failed to recognise that two tape markers at the party venue represented the distance of his 8.95m LJ world record – he was truly taken aback as were the majority of our clients!

The provision of our pre-event T&FT Tour & Event Guide with comprehensive statistics from our good friend Mel Watman was once again invaluable. Allied with our T&FT newsletters fans in our group were once again the best informed at the event. Athletics Today editor Randall Northram was the guest writer of the Stuttgart daily editions – “the hardest job I have ever done” – reported that in the Press Centre then IAAF sponsors Carlsberg provided free beer with a donation of 1 DM for the World Wild Life Fund and that “the British Press reckons to have saved a small herd of elephants and done wonders for the Panda!”