*JESS – at her best!



a memorable personal  encounter – one of our sporting highlights of the year for T&FT 

At the completion of her comeback Heptathlon in Gotzis Jess was approached by a German fan who wanted her to sign a photo that he had taken of her with his then 9 year old daughter in Berlin after she had won the World Champs gold there in 2009. She duly obliged and for the average fan-sports star encounter that few seconds would have been it. The man however told Jess that she was his daughter’s inspiration with her poster on her bedroom wall and that the sheepish youngster with him was his now 15 year old daughter. Just two weeks earlier she had completed her first Heptathlon so Jess suggested  another photograph be taken. And then Jess chatted with the star struck youngster at length and with genuine interest about her training and so on.

It was a lovely vignette of why Jess is a genuine star and the true Yorkshire embodiment of “what you see is what you get”. We should be proud that she is one of the stars of our sport.