TOKYO Summer Games 2021


Event Location : TOKYO / Japan

Tour Code: TFOLY/21

23 July - 08 August 2021

  TOKYO     Summer Games   

Our staff and company have organised tours to every Summer Games since 1988. Track & Field Tours organised 165 clients in Rio in 2016 and for the London Games in 2012 represented several overseas groups in making arrangements for 1000+ sports fans to continue our long association with the world’s biggest carnival of sport. Athletics fans will be able to share their experience with British fans and members of other organised European fans groups as they have for decades.

We are offering Track & Field Tours Accommodation & Games Packages Options from 5 to 18 nights for fans that have secured their tickets already or are eligible to do so as members of recognised European fan groups – to be eligible you will need your membership no. of any of these organisations. These packages are designed for athletics enthusiasts – join our party of mostly British and European fans along with enthusiasts from some other countries too.

From early in 2020 bespoke packages managed by Track & Field Tours with access to event tickets will be available in association with Team GB Live – register for details.

For event ticket only requests these are only available from the federation, organisation or official body of which you are a member or, for members of the general public, from the official Accredited Ticket Reseller (ATR) of the territory in which you reside eg. Team GB Live is the official ATR in Britain. Full details of how these can be purchased from official sources are available upon request should you need advice – Track & Field Tours is not an ATR.

Package details are on request for members of organised European fan groups – membership details are available  

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