The Coronavirus COVID-19 Emergency has impacted all aspects of society, and in “our world” has ravaged the 2020 sporting events calendar as well compromising athletes’ sports training at home and overseas. Following the outbreak in China that quickly led to the cancellation of the Nanjing World Athletics Indoors Championships we have been involved every day since in managing the cancellation issues and rescheduling of clients arrangements for the cancelled and postponed events that have ensued. At the present time we are involved with the 300+ athletes Spring warm weather training camps for March and April that the situation has now effectively cancelled too.

The travel industry has been hugely damaged by this pandemic and we are set for months more of re-modelling arrangements as the contagion creeps further into this year. Our partners in the industry are doing their very best to assist customers and we are pleased that to date our co-ordinating role in supporting both our clients and our suppliers seems to be meeting  the needs of both parties in these unprecedented times.  Forbearance is required and we thank the patience of clients that have had their anticipation of attending events or training camps so unexpectedly dashed and the goodwill of suppliers that are coping with the collateral damage to their businesses: that an invisible microbe can cause such a catastrophe to individuals and our society appears to be providing perspective for us all.

As we are dealing with issues in priority date order and will be in contact with clients for events and arrangements from May onwards and into the summer in due course.

Be rest assured that the prudent management of our business since it was set up 30 years ago means we have the experience and financial strength to plot our way through the current chaos.

Track & Field Tours Team – 24 March 2020