*T&FT Rewind No. 35 – Fatima Whitbread


Fatima Whitbread added to her 1986 European title and WR with her emphatic win at the 1987 Rome World Championships to defeat her great rival Petra Felke. Click image for video clip

*T&FT Rewind No. 34 – Lasse Viren


Lasse Viren was a 4 time Olympic gold medalist and the last lap of the Montreal 1976 5000m is a masterclass of the relentless winding up of pace that had started several laps earlier to defeat the cream of his generations distance stars that challenged him but could not get past. Click image to view […]

*T&FT Rewind No. 33 – KJT Doha 2019


Katarina Johnson-Thompson fulfilled her potential as a senior in Doha with a superb two days including 4 personal bests to beat arch rival Thiam and break the British record to extend the astonishing GBR record of women multi-eventers. Click image for video link

*T&FT Rewind No. 32 – Haile Gebrselassie


The greatest distance runner of all time, breaking 27 world records including the marathon, and winning Olympic and world titles from 1500m indoors to his most favoured 10,000m. His story is told here from his modest beginnings via running glory to his successful business career and deserved status as national icon. A true legend. Click […]

*T&FT Rewind No. 31 – Christine Ohuruogu


Christine Ohuruogo’s deceptive even paced running triumphed in Beijing in 2008 as it had done in Osaka the previous year and would do so again. Looking like a non-contender for 300m then reeling in opponents takes cool judgement a rare sprinting skill but nurtured to perfection by this modest champion. Click image for video clip

*T&FT Rewind No.30 – Dick Fosbury 1968


Dick Fosbury not only won the High Jump gold medal in Mexico in 1968 but his revolutionary technique immortalized him – as far from a “flop” as any athlete could ever aspire with his style now universal. Click image for video clip

*T&FT Rewind No. 29  – Athens M 4 x 100m


The Athens 2004 Men’s 4 x 100m final saw GBR’s Jason, Darren, Marlon and Mark’s slick baton passing triumph with a famous victory over the usual favourites USA squad… and not a Jamaican in sight.   Click image to view video clip

*T&FT Rewind No. 28 – Allyson Felix


Allyson Felix is the most complete sprinter of the modern era of either gender – and when you see her gym work you will get to see how much effort it takes to make her long striding serenity look so effortless! Click image to view video clip

*T&FT Rewind No. 27 – Ann Packer


T&FT Rewind No. 27 Ann Packer had just narrowly failed to win the Tokyo 1964 Olympic 400m and then ran the 800m final like the novice she was. Barely visible for 600m and then boxed in she found a way to run free to show the sprinter she was to win and set a WR […]

*T&FT Rewind No.26 – Wilma Rudolph


*T&FT Rewind No.26 – Wilma Rudolph Wilma Rudolph won 3 sprint gold medals at the 1960 Rome Olympics having recovered from polio as a child. Interesting that in spite of setting a 200m Olympic record in her semi-final of 23.2 she ended up in the far from suitable lane 1 of the cinder track – […]

*T&FT Rewind No. 25 – Sally Gunnell

sally 2

*T&FT Rewind No. 25 – Sally Gunnell Sally Gunnell’s 400m H successes culminating in her 1993 WR performance at the World Championships in Stuttgart following her Olympic victory in Barcelona the previous year. Click image for video clip

*T&FT Rewind No. 24 – Jan Zelezny


*T&FT Rewind No. 24 – Jan Zelezny Jan Zelezny the three time Olympic Javelin champion whose eccentric but effective style transfixed us for so long: never has a javelin experienced such a whippy explosion of propulsive force from the body of an athlete that frequently ended up with legs akimbo, all joints straining and often […]