THE GB team finished in 4th place on the European Champs medal table that concluded last weekend in their preparations for the Tokyo Paralympics.

GB Para Athletics Head Coach Paula Dunn reflected on the Championships:

“I am so proud of this team and their performances this week. This was our first major Championships since the Worlds in 2019, and we’ve seen several fantastic performances across the board. I’ve been very impressed with our young athletes who are progressing through the Performance Pathway. So many athletes have stepped up at these Championships, so the future looks bright for the sport in this country.

“Ahead of the Tokyo Paralympic Games, this was going to be an important marker for a number of athletes. For some, their performances will have given them a boost in confidence to push on for this summer and beyond. For others, it will have provided that motivation to come back even stronger.

“I’m so pleased with the whole team. These are a Championships like no other, and I’m proud of how the team have conducted themselves and adapted to the challenges and restrictions they have faced. We are grateful to all the organisers who have made this event possible.”

Results can be found at https://www.paralympic.org/bydgoszcz-2021/results

British medallists (37):

Gold (14): Fabienne André [Women’s T34 100m and 800m], Columba Blango [Men’s T20 400m], Libby Clegg and Chris Clarke [Women’s T11 200m], Aled Davies [Men’s F63 Shot Put], Kayleigh Haggo [Women’s RR3 100m], Sophie Hahn [Women’s T38 100m], Maria Lyle [Women’s T35 100m and 200m], Daniel Pembroke [Men’s F13 Javelin], Zak Skinner [Men’s T13 100m and Long Jump], Rafi Solaiman [Men’s RR3 100m], Thomas Young [Men’s T38 100m], Maria Lyle [Women’s T35 100m],

Silver (9): John Bridge [Men’s T47 400m], Jonathan Broom-Edwards [Men’s T42/44/62/64 High Jump], Shaun Burrows [Men’s T38 400m], Lydia Church [Women’s F12 Shot Put], Kyron Duke [Men’s F41 Shot Put], Dan Greaves [Men’s F64 Discus], Danny Sidbury [Men’s T54 1500m], Vanessa Wallace [Women’s F34 Shot Put], 4x100m Universal Relay

Bronze (14): Ola Abidogun [Men’s T47 100m], Olivia Breen [Women’s T38 Long Jump], Harri Jenkins [Men’s T33/T34 Final], Nathan Maguire [Men’s T54 400m and 800m], Polly Maton [T47 Long Jump], Luke Nuttall [Men’s T46 1500m], Stef Reid [Women’s T64 Long Jump], Zac Shaw [T12 100m final], Luke Sinnott [Men’s T63 Long Jump], Ali Smith [Women’s T38 400m final], Emily Stewart [Women’s F38 Discus], Alexander Thomson [Men’s T38 400m], Harrison Walsh [Men’s F64 Discus]