T&FT@30 – Rewind 2002

TFT Rewind 2001 - Radcliffe Jackson  Devonish (002)

2002 was the “M&M” year with Manchester & Munich venues for the quadrennial European Champs & Commonwealth Games combo – it was remarkable how many fans managed to attend both events with only 6 days between the schedules – not to mention athletes doubling up too! T&FT was selected by the organisers to be an […]

*T&FT@30 – Rewind 2001

TFT Rewind 2001 - Freeman  First Nations (002)

2001 was a “Canadian Odyssey” as world class athletics and the draw of Alberta & the Rocky Mountains caused an avalanche of fans to sign up for the Edmonton World Champs – the off track experience matched that in the stadium with an imaginative T&FT excursions and cultural programme. The sparkling success of the Sydney […]

*T&FT@30 – Rewind 2000

TFT Rewind 2000 - Johnson  Lewis

One enchanted evening at the Sydney Olympics the stars were truly aligned at the T&FT Supporters Party as Michael Johnson & Denise Lewis joined us to the delight and astonishment of our clients – a preview of their future BBC roles as they expertly handled the Q&A interviews. What a highlight! “How was that arranged?” […]

*T&FT@30 – Rewind 1999

TFT Rewind 1999 - Johnson & Bland

The millennium climaxed in stylish but scorching Seville a demanding venue, where the “heat of competition” took on a whole new meaning for athletes and fans in the stadium cauldron: it was hotter than Doha in 2019 with no venue air-conditioning or evening only session concessions – brutal. With daytime temperatures peaking at 42 C […]